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Beyond the Prophy®

Dec 18, 2019

Jasmin is on location in Atlanta, GA, at the Hinman Dental Meeting. Two women sat next to her to have their breakfast and a conversation was struck. Jasmin listens in as Taylin and Melanie of Simply Extract discuss the role of CBD oil in dentistry.

Topics we cover: 

  • What is simply extract working with Carolina Hemp Company
  • How CBD  helps dentistry
  • How CBD helps patients
  • Healing with CBD
  • Mental Illness and Stigma
  • How to extract CBD from the hemp flower
  • Women leaders in the CBD industry
  • Side effects of using CBD
  • Different forms of CBD
  • Collaboration with Carolina Hemp Company
  • Natural remedies in maintaining health
  • Where should dental professionals  start with CBD
  • Pain and the use of CBD

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