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Beyond the Prophy®

Dec 31, 2017

Erika Spring, RDH, has revolutionized her career in dental hygiene. She has advanced her education, worked in corporate, academia, and is a speaker/consultant. 


Erika is a fine example of what it takes when you decide to take hold of your career. Listen in for this dose of #realtalk and #inspiration. Thank you,...

Dec 24, 2017

This is another great episode if you want to dive in deep. Meet Sarah Clark, RDH, the mindful hygienist. She has built her community on mindfulness and stress management. She is helping professionals reconnect with themselves and navigate the challenges of stress.


All dental professionals know how stressful life...

Dec 17, 2017

What an incredible conversation with the Inspired Dentist, Dr. Shakila Angadi. This episode we dive deep and talk about the fundamental truth behind having personal and professional career satisfaction.


This conversation went all the way real when we handle the challenges that face all dental professionals. This is...