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Beyond the Prophy®

Mar 1, 2018

The guest of this episode is lovingly termed "Fire Woman". She has embraced her role as a dental hygienist with passion and innovation. Shavonne Healy, RDH, BSDH, ICP, is a powerhouse and fantastic role model for any providers interested in expanding their role in clinical practice. She has expanded her role in oral surgery and is teaching other hygienists and oral surgeons how to do the same.

What is the Implant Care Practitioner? Listen in to find out more so you can gain career satisfaction! #thinkbeyondtheprophy #dentalimplantsuncovered #rdhinnovations


Topics we discuss:

  • Underserved population in Oral Surgery
  • Advocating for the ICP
  • Thinking Beyond the Prophy with your CE education
  • Show up if you are the only hygienist
  • Her growth in oral surgery
  • Qualities needed to get to the next level in clinical care
  • Having the desire to serve the community
  • Advocate for yourself
  • Putting patient's needs first 
  • Protect your license
  • What's preventing collaboration?
  • How RDH Innovations LLC can help


Link to her Facebook group, Dental Implants Uncovered: CLICK HERE 

Link to Facebook page, Dental Implants Uncovered: CLICK HERE


Featured book:

Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard


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