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Sep 4, 2017

It was an honor and privilege to sit and speak with Dr. Nancy Burkhart. She is an oral pathology expert, a columnist for RDH magazine, international speaker, textbook creator, and one of the 2017 Award of Distinction recipients.


Jasmin enjoyed learning about her journey. The key takeaway from this interview: the biggest asset in your journey is CURIOSITY. Learn how this has helped Nancy in her professional journey and why it has brought her career satisfaction. 


Thank you for being on the show! 


Topics we discuss:

  • Her journey as an RDH and moving across states
  • Taking your time during your educational advancement
  • Having degrees outside of dentistry
  • Her interests in oral pathology and completing her Doctorate degree
  • Writing a Textbook
  • Taking the initiative and creating your opportunities
  • Do what you love the money may not always follow
  • Going through the Tony Robbins program
  • Walking through fire and moving forward in life
  • making the resolve to have career satisfaction
  • International Oral Lichen Planus group
  • Becoming a member of the American Academy of Oral Medicine
  • Updates on the 3rd Edition of the General Pathology Textbook

Link to her textbook with Co-Author Leslie Delong: Click HERE

Link to the American Academy of Oral Medicine: CLICK HERE




Featured book:

Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard


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