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Beyond the Prophy®

Sep 11, 2017

Jasmin is on location at RDH UOR and had the privilege to interview Kristin Hays, RDH. She is a clinical hygienist, innovator, and hygienist passionate for senior care. 

Jasmin enjoyed learning about her journey. The key takeaway from this interview: Shut up and Color!! Learn how this has helped Kristin in her professional journey and why it has brought her career satisfaction. 

Thank you for being on the show! 

Topics we discuss:

  • Airforce Dental Assistant for 10 years
  • Career in Dental Hygiene
  • Working with Orabrite
  • Working in Senior Care
  • Being persistent in your goals and taking time off
  • Senior Dental Care
  • Creation of modification tool for toothbrushes
  • Senior oral health line for Orabrite
  • Take the initiative and create an opportunity
  • Business side of dental hygiene-maintaining business relationships
  • Read what you sign
  • Direct style of communication
  • Create good working relationships
  • Best career advice

How to reach Kristin:

Link to her Orabrite- Senior Products: Click HERE

Link to Orabrite: CLICK HERE

Featured book:

Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard

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