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Beyond the Prophy®

Jan 1, 2020

Amanda Autry walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to living through an authentic lens. Amanda and Jasmin met at a vision board workshop facilitated by herself and BEMore Babes. Amanda shares how being uncomfortable leads to reaching levels of joy that you could have never imagined.


Topics we cover:


  • How she empowers others through the ups and downs of her personal journey
  • Recognizing when to take a pause and break from the chaos
  • Dropping everything and taking the chance to explore the US
  • You don't have to have everything figured out
  • Ways to check in with yourself
  • Treat yourself like a business
  • Visualizing your future and thinking about what you want
  • Vision board workshops
  • Showing up for yourself

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our episodes are not the opinions of our podcast or our sponsors.

Featured book:

Everything is Figureoutable

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