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Beyond the Prophy®

Dec 6, 2019

Anne Duffy, RDH, is the DeW extraordinaire and creator of the Dental Entrepreneur Woman Magazine. From the first time Jasmin read her magazine, she knew she had something special and subscribed right away. No one truly understands the complexities that face entrepreneurs unless you are one. To have a resource specific for dental industry women is a God-send! Listen in as we talk with the brilliant creator of this magazine. 

Topics we cover:

  • Her professional journey
  • Creating a startup dental magazine
  • Serving the needs of women
  • Biggest challenge for women: self-sabotage
  • Be all things to all people
  • What we as women have to work on
  • Walk the walk when starting a business
  • Our dental industry- what growth we need?
  • Personal development is necessary
  • The wholeistic approach for success

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Everything is Figureoutable

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