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Beyond the Prophy®

Dec 4, 2019

Dr. Rand Mattison, DDS of Rock Run Dental immediately caught our ear when he shared that his hygiene department had a six-figure producing dental hygienist. We are on location in Charlotte, NC after training at the Dentsply Sirona Headquarters. Listen in as we sit down with Dr. Mattison and learn about how he reclaimed his professional power to provide the best possible care in his practice.

Topics we cover:

  • His journey in eliminating problematic insurance companies from his dental practice
  • Having a sound business model
  • Getting buy in with your team
  • Building a profitable hygiene department
  • What is clutching your pearls?
  • Blood prophies, NSPT, Disclosing the patient twice, 3 month recare at no charge, Hygiene assistants
  • A six-figure producing dental hygienist

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