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Beyond the Prophy®

Dec 17, 2017

What an incredible conversation with the Inspired Dentist, Dr. Shakila Angadi. This episode we dive deep and talk about the fundamental truth behind having personal and professional career satisfaction.


This conversation went all the way real when we handle the challenges that face all dental professionals. This is for you if who want to find "balance" and success in your life, dental practice, or in your own business. 


Don't forget to join Dr. Angadi's group to continue this important conversation. #thinkbeyondtheprophy


Topics we discuss:

  • How Jasmin was introduced to Shakila
  • Why emotional intelligence is necessary for career satisfaction
  • What led her to dentistry and emotional intelligence
  • Being in a personal and professional dark place
  • Hitting rock bottom
  • Taking CE for true development
  • Getting a non-dental coach
  • Caring for yourself first
  • Successful practices or businesses start at the head
  • Balance
  • Expectations
  • Morning routine
  • Mental Breaks
  • What may be on the mind of your dentist?
  • Cultures in offices
  • Mindset shift
  • Integrity
  • Self care 


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Link to her Facebook page: CLICK HERE




Featured book:

Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown


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