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Beyond the Prophy®

Jan 3, 2020

Lisa Zimmer, RDH, met Jasmin at one of her CE courses where her topic focused on Substance Use Disorder. At the time of Jasmin's CE, Lisa revealed in public for the first time that she struggled with substance use disorder. Her story impacted Jasmin greatly and she has brought her on the show to discuss a topic that they are both very passionate about. If you have struggled with addiction or have a loved one that has struggled, listen in to this incredible episode.

Topics we cover: 

  • How Jasmin and Lisa met
  • Lisa's substance use history
  • The why behind Smiles 4 Recovery
  • What we need to look out for as  dental professionals
  • What saves lives for people in recovery- maintenance addiction treatment
  • Meeting people where they are
  • The shame culture around substance use disorder
  • Why their lives matter and the need for education
  • The biological effects of substance use disorder and withdrawal
  • The trauma-informed approach to vulnerable populations
  • The creation of Smiles 4 Recovery

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our episodes are not the opinions of our podcast or our sponsors.

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