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Beyond the Prophy®

Sep 21, 2017

This episode is on location at the RDH UOR Conference in Chicago, IL. Jasmin interviews Cathy Richardson, RDH. She is an RDH that has had an extraordinary career and she sheds some serious pearls for our listeners.


Jasmin enjoyed learning about her journey. The key takeaway from this interview: Opportunities WILL NOT Come and Find You. Learn how this has helped Cathy in her professional journey and why it has brought her career satisfaction. 


Thank you for being on the show! 


Topics we discuss:

  • What she currently does with Simply Hygiene
  • Hygienist Purchasing their own instruments empowers them
  • How she became empowered in her career
  • Networking
  • Thinking outside of the box-no one will find you
  • Be intentional with your CE
  • Talk all experiences as a learning experience- even volunteering
  • Being introverted
  • Why she pursued dental hygiene
  • Loving the beach


Contact Cathy here:

Link to Simply Hygiene: CLICK HERE



Featured book:

Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard


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